Types and Sizes of Cargo Sling Equipment For Your Business

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When determining which kinds of cargo sling equipment your business requires, it is essential to be informed about the different types available and their limitations. For example, it is beneficial to know which sling constructions work best together and for which kinds of lifts. CrosFFit Tools, LLC., a cargo sling company based in Miami, has put together this handy guide so you can be better informed before making a purchasing decision. 


Types Of Cargo Sling Equipment Assemblies 

  • Type A

These assemblies are made of a single piece and used without fittings on the end. The length of this assembly is measured from the webbing’s end to the ratchet mandrel.

  • Type B

These assemblies, made of two pieces, contain a single fixed-length webbing and a sole, adjustable length webbing. This measurement of this assembly is affected by the fixed-length end, which varies from 16 to 18 inches depending on width, as well as the addition of a chain anchor, which adds 14 inches. There are many different end fittings available to use in any situation. 

  • 5,000 Series

This assembly made of polyester webbing that is two-inches wide can hold a workload of up to 1,600 pounds, and its ultimate strength is 5,000 pounds.

  • 10,000 Series

This assembly made of polyester webbing that is two-inches wide can hold a workload of up to 3,300 pounds, and its ultimate strength is 10,000 pounds.

  • 15,000 Series

This assembly made of polyester webbing that is three or four-inches wide can hold a workload of up to 5,000 pounds, and its ultimate strength is 15,000 pounds.


Kinds Of Ratchet Assemblies 

Just as crucial as the sling construction itself is the ratchet assembly. There are many different kinds of ratchet assemblies, and all are suited to varying types of lifts. Here are just a few of the types of ratchet assemblies available for cargo sling constructions. 

  • Flat hook
  • Stamped Triangle
  • Forged Triangle
  • Snap Hook, Stamped
  • Snap Hook, Twisted
  • Snap Hook, Forged
  • D-Ring
  • Chain Grab
  • Chain Anchor
  • U-Hook
  • Sewn Eye
  • Ratchet Buckle


Kinds Of Corner Protectors And Wear Pads 

  • Sliding Sleeve

This is a double-walled product in a tubular shape made to specific lengths, which protects the webbing of the load hugger from abrasion, helping it resist any cutting.

  • Ratchet Protector

This is a fabric pad of sewn construction that will help protect the surface of the cargo and mechanism of the ratchet.

  • Corner Protector

A corner guard that is made of a rust-resistant copolymer and movable; this piece is sturdy enough to work with both webbing and chain construction and will protect the load hugger from edges that are sharp. 


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