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Running low on your industrial tool supply? Look no further as CrosFFit Tools, LLC has what you need. Whether you’re looking for tools for hoisting and lifting, slings, hardware cargo control, wire ropes, chains, and accessories, CrosFFit Tools, LLC not only has all these items, but we can ship them all across the U.S. as well as overseas to our international clients. You won’t find a better supplier located in all of Miami.

About Us

Did you know Miami Beach was almost entirely manmade? Creating something as magnificent as that definitely took some heavy and quality equipment. At CrosFFit Tools, LLC our goal is to supply the best equipment possible to our clients, so that no matter whether you’re building a beach or moving some loads, you can rely on our products to get the job done. We also believe in custom solutions for our diverse clientele. Over 14 million people visit Miami each year and as such tourism is a huge part of what keeps the city running, so there’s often plenty of construction and projects being completed. We’re experts in productivity and have designed each of our products with this in mind. We want to lower your costs of production with our high-quality products so you can spend more time enjoying the magnificence of Miami’s two national parks or the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture. To do this, we really make an effort to understand the needs and situations of each and every one of our customers. Once we feel like we understand their requirements and wants, we recommend the tool that will best serve them. In order to provide service as good as this, we make sure our employees receive only the best and most up to date training. It is extremely crucial to our success. Another key to our success is the feedback we receive from all our clients, good or bad, and we work hard to implement it all. Whether you’re working in Miami temporarily or permanently, CrosFFit Tools, LLC has all the products to satisfy your needs.

Our Industrial Tool Supply

  • Hoist and Lifting
    • Our hoists are designed for pulling, lifting, lowering, and securing loads. They are safe and easy to operate as they are extremely versatile. They are the perfect tool to make moving your various supplies and items hassle-free and safer. Types of hoists we sell include:
      • Wire Rope Winch
      • Lever Hoist VL-Type
      • Manual Chain Hoist VC-A Type
  • Slings
    • Our slings are only constructed with the best material available and are designed to last. Most slings will be used to deal with heavy loads daily. We have reinforced our slings to be able to handle the wear and tear without fail. Our Webbing Slings are made out of 100% high tensile polyester and can hold a capacity of between two to twenty-four tons.
  • Cargo Control
    • Our Yellow Ratchet Strap with Double J-Hook is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of securing a load on a commercial vehicle or trailer. We also have ratchet straps that can be used alongside chains for heavier cargo.
  • Hardware
    • Turnbuckles
      • Used for rigging or tensioning wires, ropes, and rods, our turnbuckles are made out of drop forged, high tensile steel. All three of the turnbuckles we offer should be used for straight or in-line pulling:
        • UsType Forged JAW-JAW Turnbuckle HDG
        • Us Type Forged EYE-EYE Turnbuckle HDGE
        • Us Type Forged HOOK-HOOK Turnbuckle HDGE
    • Shackles
      • Made out of hot-dipped galvanized steel, our shackles are perfect for permanent or long-term applications. Our shackles are also known as safety shackles due to being better for loads that run the risk of sliding over the shackle pin. The two types of shackles we offer are stated below:
        • Galvanized Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
        • Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackles
  • Chain and Accessories
    • Chains
      • Our alloy chain black grade 10 is designed to increase your load capacity by 25%. Made out of alloy steel material and heat-treated, our chains are made to resist wear, allowing the chains to perform longer. All chains come in a black finish. Accessories to go along with these fine chains include:
        • G80 Type Forged Master Link
        • G80 Type Connecting Link
        • Ratchet Load Lever Binder
        • Clevis Grab Hook
        • Clevis Self Locking Hook
  • Wire Rope
    • At CrosFFIT Tools, LLC we offer a variety of wire rope accessories. It is important to inspect each item before using it for signs of corrosion or damage.
      • Eye Hooks
      • Standard Steel Sleeves
      • Heavy Duty Steel Wire Rope Thimbles H.D.G
      • Galvanized Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip
  • Much Much More
    • Above are some of the more popular products we offer, but we’re not limited to just that. Check out our site to see what other great items we have for sale that you could have shipped to you.

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If you live in Miami and you need a new industrial tool supply, you can’t go wrong with CrosFFit Tools, LLC. We have all the most commonly needed products and more. We’ll ship to you anywhere in the U.S. as well as ship internationally to many of our clients. Contact us today to get quality equipment and custom solutions you won’t get anywhere else.

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