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Often, the key to a safe and sturdy rigging job is the hardware you use. You need dependable rigging hardware, guaranteed. At Crosffit Tools, we have a diverse array of equipment that will cover any job and complete your toolkit. Meet the clamps and bolts that have been servicing shows in the United States and Worldwide for years!

Rigging Hardware’s Most Flexible Clamps

A suitable clamp will fasten your work materials together and create a tight fit. There’s no one-size-fits-all clamp, though. Each job needs an individual assessment to determine which braces will be most useful. One of the most versatile clamps is the C-Clamp, also known as the G-clamp. It’s usually used to secure a workpiece to a work surface, but they can also affix things to pipes and trusses. Their body is shaped like a C (hence the name) and uses its bolt to push two surfaces together by applying pressure inward.

Another commonly used clamp is the strap clamp. Strap clamps are often used when you need a light-weight alternative to other braces. The strap is tightened around the object to increase tension, making these useful for building and rigging projects that need perfect 90-degree angles. Some strap clamps are even adjustable to fit any project.

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Don’t Mix Up Your Eyebolts

Eyebolts are commonly used to attach a small loop to a fixture. The small circle can be used to keep cables and ropes organized. Most pulley systems require eyebolts. Eyebolts can be found in a variety of different materials to accommodate the length of your installation. Your options include stainless steel, alloy steel, and hot-dipped galvanized steel, which is steel coated in a layer of zinc. It’s cheaper than stainless steel, and the topcoat prevents it from rusting.

Sometimes your job is better suited for the shoulder pattern eyebolt. It has a small lip where the metal circle and bolt meet. This shoulder makes it more reliable and less likely to fail than a plain eyebolt. If you want to suspend or lift a large object, you might want to opt for a shouldered eyebolt instead of a plain one. Safety first!

The Turnbuckle Assembly

Lastly, we’d be remiss not to talk about the turnbuckle. These devices are also known as stretching screws. Its two ends are threaded in opposite directions, allowing you to increase tension between cables without having to twist or rotate them. Turnbuckles are used in construction, manufacturing, and even the entertainment industry. If you want the full turnbuckle, remember to buy the turnbuckle assembly instead of the turnbuckle body!

Turnbuckles are highly customizable, which makes them great to have around the shop. There are three main options for the ends of your turnbuckles, depending on the project. If the turnbuckle is being used on cables, it might have an eyebolt. You can also get your turnbuckles with jaw fittings, which use a pin to attach around an object. These are particularly useful when you have a stationary post to rig.

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Next time you buy rigging hardware, remember these tips so you can pick the right piece for the job. Contact us at Crosffit with any questions or to stock up on equipment across the United States and worldwide! .