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CrosFFit Tools, LLC services companies in the United States and worldwide, specializing in providing industrial tool accessories that help you get your work done as safely and efficiently as possible. There are several products like these that can move your workday along smoothly. Out of them all, hoisting and lifting equipment are some of the most important. Hoisting equipment uses pulleys and chains (sometimes rope) to lift and transport heavy cargo. Air chain hoists have high lifting speeds and are powered by compressed air for times when electricity is either unavailable or not desirable for the task. Manual hoists are known for their portability, lightweights, and their low headroom requirements. They allow a single person to lift loads with no need for motors or any similar tool. Our hoisting and lifting products are state-of-the-art and ensure your work gets done with the best tools available. Visit our website for more in-depth information on our products; we’re always eager to help our customers!

Our Hoisting Equipment Products

We at CrosFFit offer three main hoisting equipment products: the GT Wire Rope, the Lever Hoist VL-Type, and the Manual Chain Hoist VC-A Type. Each of these has different features that can improve the quality of your work. Another advantage is that all of these are available within an affordable price range.

GT Wire Rope Winch

This wire rope winch is a portable and tremendously versatile unit for lifting, pulling, and lowering/securing loads. It is simple to operate and, most importantly, very safe to operate. This safety comes in part from its overload protection, which allows for a great deal of personal safety during operation. Some of its other features include a wire rope that is purposefully manufactured to ensure proper functioning. It does not have a lot of maintenance requirements and is relatively simple to service. These features make it an excellent asset to your company!

Lever Hoist VL-Type and Manual Chain Hoist VC-A Type

Each of these hoists has favorable advantages. The lever hoist features a high-grade body of steel that protects the brake system and gears of your equipment, while also featuring a load chain with hardened alloy steel that is electro-galvanized in the finish. The ratio of short arm lever and special gear grants a simple lift with only minimum stress, while also providing maximum safety. The manual chain hoist, for its part, promises hoists made with very high-quality materials that guarantee a good deal of durability. The sealed bearings in the units allow total repair flexibility, which makes the equipment excellent for long-term use. It is also available in a wide array of heights of lift.

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We take pride in our hoisting equipment and love to provide our products to the best companies in the Miami area. We also service the United States and worldwide customers. If this equipment seems like a good fit for your company, contact us today to learn more about our offers, or call 786-453-7927. We’d love to hear from you!